About Me and My Journey Through Life

"To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all..."

- Oscar Wilde

The degree to which we choose our identity, versus having it imposed on us via external influence, is a matter of consciousness and awareness. "Me, The Elegant Cat" - Digital Collage (Self Portrait)


Catrin Westh is a conceptual, visual artist who reflects on the rhythm and chaos of the world.  Her art is a free form of story telling, non-verbal poems about doubt, loneliness, society, existence and identity. Her medias of preference includes collages, photomontage, mixed media, and photography. Catrin Westh was born and raised on the island “Wermdö” just outside Stockholm, Sweden. After graduating High school she moved to southern France to study Political Science, Languages and Philosophy at the “Faculte des Arts et Lettres” in Aix en Provence.

After finishing her studies she was offered the possibility to move to Paris and join a model agency. For the next 10 years she worked as a model for designers and photographers around the world. She found the lack of sincerity and sensitivity in the fashion industry to be a burden and was adversely affected by the solitude. However, the travels became a veritable platform of inspiration for her future art works. Westh rapidly realized how important it is to embrace the imperfections in life rather than striving for the illusion of perfection.Today her art creations echo the freedom of accepting imperfections. The powerful and practical wisdom she gained from years in the fashion industry left her with an eager desire to engage more intently within diverse communities.

She and her life partner enjoy the thrill of travels. They both wish to experience different cultures and religions hence their move in 2000 to Marrakesh, Morocco with their newborn son. That move marks the beginning of Westh’s philosophical quest to understand how identities are formed. 

 While living in North Africa, Westh built, managed and owned a boutique hotel. She designed French inspired furniture and over sized pottery collections which were sold all over Europe. Hotels, Spas, and private individuals also called upon Westh to reinvent their interior decors.

Her daughter was born in Marrakesh in 2005. When Westh discovered how many children, especially girls, fail to attend school in Morocco she joined  several philanthropic missions advocating for education and building schools in rural villages in the Atlas mountains. The many strong young girls and women she met during that time remains a source of inspiration for her artwork.

Every encounter and interesting discussion was documented in a diary. She also spent endless hours photographing “the everyday- life” of hardworking women in rural locations.

In 2007 the family of four moved to Cyprus. Westh continued to work in interior design and as a Spa and Hotel consultant for 5-star hotels in Cyprus and in the Middle East. 

 Always curious to find new ways of communication she decided to go back to school. In 2014 she spent the year studying Fine Art at ‘Cyprus Academy of Arts’ in Limassol.

In 2015 the family continued their quest for new adventures and settled down in America.  Since 2019, Westh is sharing her time between Middle Tennessee and South Florida. While still being active as an interior designer, Westh is now more engaged than ever in developing her impressions of the world into visual poetic art works.

As a global nomad, Catrin Westh has observed how people view life from different philosophical and political perspectives as well as more obvious geographical differences. She continues to reflect on the world by creating social messages, brutal and honest, to unlock discussions and dialogues.

Through her compositions she pushes us to reflect on the complications of being, with a specific focus on women’s experiences.  

 The result is visual raw patchworks of the world she has seen and traveled, influenced by encounters, visions, dreams and nightmares. Westh's artworks mirrors her personal views of the different societies we have created and how our “identity” pivots around social preconditions.


- George H. Lewes

"In quoting others, we cite ourselves."

- Julio Cortázar

"Me, The Masculine Cat" - Digital Collage (self portrait)

I am

what I create.

My Art Works are a personal approach of what Oscar Wilde said - "There are moments when one has to choose between living one's own life, fully, entirely, completely - or dressing out some false, shallow, degrading existence that the world in its hypocrisy demands."

"All things are subject to interpretation, whichever interpretation prevails at a given time is a function of power and not truth." - F. Nietzsche - 'Me, The Artsy Cat' - Digital Collage (Self Portrait)