I see my Art work as visual poetry; to be enjoyed without moderation.
Each piece tells a unique story, yours or mine; it doesn't matter.
My art not only decorates your wall, but it talks to your soul.
It will intrigue your visitors and become an invitation to discussions.
The more you explore and analyze the artwork, the more secrets and emotions it will reveal.

Join the happy private collectors around the world who already proudly display my art in their homes.

Two or more art works by cat have found a new wall to be hung on in the homes of these art collectors.

mr & mrs. Matton (Sweden)
mrs. Bostrom (sweden)
mr & mrs. pourshahidi (sweden)
mr. nilson (dubai)
Mr & mrs. Langlois (france)
mr. pechina (austria)
mr. groke (czech republic)
mr & mrs. Phillips (cyprus)
mr & mrs. rensen (cyprus)
mr. faxon (usa)
text trade ltd. (germany)
boutique hotel - villa vanille (morocco)

Price and sizes upon request (fineartbycatw@gmail.com)

Me, The Road Less Traveled Cat